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Ernst Russ Reederei GmbH & Co. KG is a German shipping company based in Hamburg, founded in 1893. In April 2016 it was taken over by Ernst Russ AG.

For over a hundred years the constant success of ERNST RUSS shipping network is based on a clear market positioning identifying global trends and responding to our customers' challenges. That is why we currently operate one of the world's most advanced Ro-Ro fleets in addition to our modern container vessels. Today the Ernst Russ Group offers its customers a variety of activities and services.

Advanced communication technologies and close customer relationships in combination with traditional hanseatic values will be the backbones of our future development.



Well-established, focused on your technical support


The Ernst Russ shipping network offers you a full range of custom-tailored maritime services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Focused on technical support, our experts will combine advanced services to an individualized package based on your preferences and requirements.


Successful for over 120 years

When Ernst Russ established his company in 1893, Martha Russ said to her husband "May a lucky star guide us on our way". Ernst thought this was a good idea and so the star became the company’s symbol as to be seen on the ERNST RUSS flag.

In 1914 the company's fleet numbered already 16 ships, only six vessels remained at the end of the war. Up to 1939 Ernst Russ rebuilt the company which owned 37 vessels in 1939. After the war Russ built his company up for the third time and when he died nearly 90 years old in 1957 he left a fleet of 21 ships behind. His successors developed ERNST RUSS into a modern shipping company concentrating on advanced RoRo-vessels and modern container ships.

Ship's bell of "Martha Russ"

"Martha Russ"

Ernst Russ

Ernst Russ

Entrepreneurial courage to move into new directions, responding to continuous changes and facing new challenges have always been the strengths of our company. Today, the star represents our business approach and remains as a symbol of our confidence, courage and global orientation.



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